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It’s time for the Streamer Spotlight, our weekly post where we show off a member of the Triquetra Stream Team and get to know who they are and why they enjoy streaming.
This week it’s the turn of KMaggzy.

KMaggzy is a variety Twitch streamer based in the UK who plays anything from Call of Duty to making new Cosplay creations!

Check him out here: 

About KMaggzy

Q) Why did you start streaming?
A) Hi, my name is KMaggzy, but most people just call me Maggzy. I started streaming by accident really, I was at an Insomnia event as a Cosplayer and a few people I knew from the convention kept talking about streaming and streamers and when I got talking with them they thought that I should give it a try sometime, next thing I knew I was buying a PC and everything I needed to get me going.

Q) What do you like the most about streaming?
A) I like streaming because it has given me a whole new set of really close friendships that I never would have had if I didn’t stream and I love to play video games so if I can share that with others then that makes me happy.

Q) What games do you play on stream and what are your favourite games not only to stream but play in your downtime?

A) I play a lot of different games on and off-stream, mainly FPS games like Call Of Duty, I spent a lot of time with battle royals but I am going off them a bit now. I also have a variety of racing/driving games and have been enjoying chilling on Minecraft lately too.

Q) What is your biggest achievement as a streamer so far?

A) So far I would say my biggest achievements as a streamer would be getting affiliated with GT Omega Racing and becoming part of the Triquetra Stream Team.

Q) What makes you unique as a streamer? ​

A) I think what would make me unique as a streamer is my versatility, one day I could be playing COD, the next day chilling on Minecraft and then the next day working on a new cosplay, plus my dog is kind of awesome too and he loves to make an appearance.

Q) Games you are looking forward to playing?

A) I am really looking forward to putting more time into the new Call Of Duty, the beta didn’t give me quite what I wanted but I am hoping on release to not be disappointed. I am also really looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077, I don’t usually play long story-based games but the aesthetic has really caught my attention.


Monday 7:30 PM

Wednesday 7:30 PM

Saturday 1:00 PM


– Becoming a GT Omega Racing Affiliate

– Joining the Triquetra Stream Team

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