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The Legends Have Landed. Let’s Meet the Apex Team!

POSTED BY Michael H August 4, 2019

The Legends have landed and are ready to become Apex Champions! We introduce to you the 2019 Triquetra Gaming Apex Legends team.

First, let's meet the Manager of the Apex Team - Jake AKA JDog.
Using his experience and game knowledge he'll be providing the team with that extra step on their opposition.
Jake "JDog"
Team Manager
Next up is Rildur. The team captain, leading the way as Wraith, setting the portal to victory for the team!
He'll be calling the shots and making sure the rest of the team are ready for the fight!
Henry "Rildur"
Team Captain
You can't have a balanced team without a strong support. That's where Hazzabella comes in.
A Lifeline to the team, providing essential healing support when the team is forced to give it their all. With a preference to CQC it's better to avoid getting too close to this support or you'll just become another number on his impressive damage tally.
Harry "Hazzabella"
And last but not least, we have Nezedia.

An extremely tricky opponent to avoid. With his pinpoint aim paired with the ability to distribute toxic gas, you better be prepared for this face up.

This is the last person you want to come up against in the final circles!

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